notes that left

this is a blog about notes that just pop up in my mind. but, since it is also created for a ‘left’ reasons; silly reasons, it could be absolute just notes that left marks: i have been here. as simple as that 🙂

notes about me

born as maria carmelia, on january 19th 1978 in surabaya, east java province, indonesia.
the nickname lieke was given by my grandpa, and i think it’s a bit funny since lieke is a rare dutch name, and my grandpa is a true javanese man. maybe the influence from his dutch-wife really inspired the name [and still the one who named me is grandpa, not my grandma!]. yup, i’m half blood: java, dutch, a bit china. but love to say that i am indonesian.
now, i am working as a playgroup teacher on an international preschool in yogyakarta.
volunteer for green map jogja since 2003, a hub for green map system based in new york, usa.
i love dogs, cats…anything with 4 legs and fluffy. but no rats, thank you!!!
totally paranoid with lizards.
admire drawings and handy works, although not a good maker one, hahahaha!


3 responses

18 10 2009

good blog liek..
nice to have you at blog


11 07 2010

thanks mas tijok.

8 03 2011

welkom to the jungle, a nice jungle i guess, with all the inspirations and imaginations, keep move your finger, find-out what makes your life so colourfull, some are bright color, some are dark, face it! then you can learn what is a life for, happy writing…

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