Hi God

11 07 2010

i woke up in a rush.
cramped my mouth with bread, drunk my coffee, comb my hair.
hey, where’s the shoes anyway?

sitting on the row.
as the bus go.
there is a life inside each of these body.

such so hurry.
blur like shadow, i cannot see.
does anyone there?

you thought me life time lesson.

and you.
is all i want to keep.
like a note slip in a book.
it marks a chapter.
like a canary on a cage.

the stars.
they’ve come.

hi God.
How are You?
got so much to tell You…




One response

17 07 2010

after couple days thinking…i think the idiom ‘like a canary on a cage’ doesn’t match with the true idea. haha.

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